A Leading Cement Industry of Nepal
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  • A Leading Cement Industry of Nepal

A Leading Cement Industry of Nepal

Job Details
  • No of Vacancy: 1
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary Type: Negotiable
  • Qualification: Masters
  • Apply Before: 2023-02-26
  • Experience: 10.0
  • Skills: Strategically Minded Competitor Behavior Leadership
Job Description:


The ‘CEO’ will responsible for managing the overall business, operation of controlling the company with co-ordination of Executive Chair-man. He will lead the develop and implementation of strategy that will support to meet organisational goals and objectives. It is a role requirement that the job holder must fully comply with, promote our CORE VALUES:

Job Location

  • H.O., Kathmandu

Corporate Position

  • CEO

Reporting To

  • MD, Executive Chairman

Responsible For

  • Overall Operation of the company


1. Strategic Planning & Policy

• Design strategy and set goals for the growth of the company.

• Develop and implement a business growth strategy for the achievement of the organisational goals.

• Lead the annual business planning process for overall management and operation of the company. areas of business planning

• Set policies and processes for overall operation of the company. E.g. HR Policy, Sales Policy, Procurement Policy, Production Plan, Sales Plan, communication policy, quality objectives.

• Set Policies, Procedures, rules and regulation for the company to transform the company as Public Limited Company.

• Develop long-term and short-term financial planning, financial analysis.

2. PR and Co-Ordination

• Maintain accountability with the Executive Chair-Man and Bord of the company.

• Maintain PR with major stake holders for the company. Eg. Banks, Government bodies, regulating authorities, monitoring authorities, business associations etc.

3. Monitoring and Operation

• Interact, Co-ordinate with other leadership executives. Implement changes and proposed plans. Functional Title Corporate Position Work Station Reporting to Responsible for CEO CEO H.O., Kathmandu MD, Executive Chairman Overall Operation of the company

• Oversee day-to-day operations of all department. e.g., Production, Sales, HR, Administration, Accounts, Procurement, Branding.

• Evaluate and improve operations and financial performance.

• The CEO will monitor activities of Credit Control section to ensure renewal status of bank guarantee, Letter of Credit etc.

4. Human Resources Management

• The ‘CEO’ will develop HR Policy, Job description, organization structure, competency criteria, Performance evaluation tools.

• Setting precedence for the working culture and environment.

• The ‘CEO’ will amend, revise roles and responsibility of employees by co-ordinating with Top Management.

• Problem solving to access system issues.

5. Sales & Marketing

• The ‘CEO’ will develop Marketing Plan, Sales Policy, Sales strategic, Performance based remuneration plan.

• The ‘CEO’ will monitor, check branding, promotion activities.

• The ‘CEO’ will monitor, analyse sales data and generate reports for decision making process.

6. Cross Checking

• The ‘CEO’ will cross check various data entered in accounting system.

• The ‘CEO’ will cross check different activities of each department.

7. Reporting

• The ‘CEO’ will report directly to the Executive Chair-man for regular operation and activities.

• The ‘CEO’ will submit monthly/Quarterly report reflecting overall business of operation of the company to the Executive Chair-man.